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Business Entrepreneurship Assignment Guide

Recommended resources and strategies for completing the research for your Entrepreneurship Business Concept Project.

Business: Insights Search for Global eCommerce News and Information

Researching Global News Sources: Business Insights Database

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The best library database to use for for international business is Business Insights. There are two great links on the homepage (see screenshots below):

  • Most Used Publications -  Economist, Guardian, Financial Times  are news sources from England. You can also. link directly to the Times of India and you can started by looking at those.
  • On the left side of that page you will see Read Top Business Publications. Click on Browse All Publications then look at the right side of the page for the filter - Country/Territory of Publication. Click on the + sign to expand the list. You can explore the different publications from various countries. Beneath that is a filter for Language of Publication if you need.

screen shot Most Used Publications feature







screenshot - Read Top Business Publications - Browse All Publicationsscreenshot Country or Territory of Publication and Language filters


Finding Country and Culture Information

Finding Information About Other Countries

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1. Use the library database CultureGrams to search for information about a country. Start with choosing World Edition option and then search for your country in the search box on the upper right of the page. You'll find information about a country's

  • history and population
  • language, attitudes, greetings, gestures
  • dating, marriage, families
  • holidays, arts, foods, recreation
  • government and economy
  • education and health

2. The CIA World Factbook was created by the CIA for the use of U.S. government officials, and its style, format, coverage, and content are primarily designed to meet their requirements as they travel or begin to prepare to work or live in another country.  

3. Doing business in another country requires an understanding of diplomacy. Exploring the U.S. State Department website is a good introduction to the tone and tenor that will be important to doing business with, working and/or living in another country.

4.  Michigan State developed a website for business students called globalEDGE that can be useful for finding information about other countries as well. 

5. Use Google to find the websites for the governments of foreign countries. Use the countries URL code: Canada = .ca, France= .fr, etc.

Example search terms:

  • "Canada Healthcare: .ca." will link to Health Canada, the Canadian governments official website for health services.
  • "North Korea: .kp" does not go directly to a government website because of their closed dictatorial system.  However, organizations like Amnesty International and National Institute of Health who monitor conditions in closed systems will appear in the search results and provide information. 

Start with Credo Reference

Credo reference search for e-commerce



Start with the database - Credo Reference - and use e-commerce as a search term. You'll see that a lot of articles come from international sources. Definitions and articles from Credo Reference can help you get your head around a topic.

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