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Business: Principles of Management Assignment Guide

Learn to use Western Library's Business databases to find information on companies and industries.

Business Insights: Global Database - Tutorial: Basic Searching

OVERVIEW - Business Insights: Global

  • search for companies, industries, and more
  • find detailed company, country, and industry profiles
  • locate analyses of economies, companies and industries
  • look up financials and investment reports
  • research SWOT reports
  • locate market share reports
  • research company histories (global)
  • industry research essays
  • find case studies
  • research scholarly journals
  • look for business news for deep research coverage of global economies
  • locate graphing and data-conversion options
  • watch business executive video interviews and lessons for deeper insight into issues and decision-making.

Business Insights: Global Company and Industry Searching

1. From the HOME menu in the upper left, type in the name of the company you want to research. I chose "Barnes and Noble" and saw that more than one option for Barnes and Noble appears in the drop-down list, one for the retail store and one for the  education division. I chose the retail store.

Business Insights: Global Home screenshot













2. Notice the detailed information provided on the results page - including company organizational chart beneath the NYSE code, sales and employee information, financial data and the NAICS code.

Business Insights: Global Home Results screenshot















3. If you've decided on an industry but haven't yet decided on specific company, choose COMPANIES Menu search by the NAICS code for your industry, to see a list of companies in your industry.

3. Business Insights: Global Company Search Results screenshot










Business Insights Global Company Search Results screenshot







4. Choose the desired company from the list. This will take you to the detailed information illustrated above.

Business Insights Global Company Search Results details screenshot



5. To get industry information use the INDUSTRIES Menu and search for the NAICS Code to learn more about your industry.

Business Insights Global Industires  Search Results screenshot

Business Insights Global Industries Search Results screenshot





Business Insights Global Industry Search Results detail screenshot





















6. Search for Company Information options using the menu lists that accompany the business. If there is not enough company information for you to complete your assignment, choose another company to research. For example, I was researching Barnes and Noble stores, but there wasn't enough information provided. So I chose Barnes and Noble Education because it did provide all of the information I was looking for. This is normal in research. If you can't find enough information one one topic, change it.

Business Insights Global Company Info Options screenshot






Business Insights Global Fundamental Analysis Tab screenshot









Business Insights Global Financial Dashboard Tab screenshot

Video Tutoriasl: Business Insights: Global

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