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Business Strategy Development Course Guide

Library resources to enhance or help clarify the concepts in this course.

Look for Information on Company Websites


  • Company websites are easy to find with a basic Google search.
  • The About Us or For Investors sections can provide good background information
  • You might be able to find a company's annual report, mission statement, etc.


  • Companies are not required to share their mission or objectives with the public.
  • If the main purpose of the website is for marketing or positive PR the info is NOT objective\
  • The About Us or For Investors sections may not include relevant information

Company Organization Charts


chaet iconCorporate organization charts (sometimes known as hierarchy charts) may be proprietary information and may not be freely available. In this case finding official "org charts" for some companies may be difficult.. Sometimes you can find an outside source that offers "unofficial"  charts (i.e. anyone can edit them). Also,since companies tend to move its employees around, an organizational chart found on the web may not be current.


With local or smaller business you might contact the company directly, explain that you are a student and need the information for an assignment or a project.

      In the search box, enter your company's name or it's ticker symbol and look under the company's Annual Reports.

Links to Government Websites for Business

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The United States (Federal) government shares information and data with the public through numerous databases and websites. Access to this information is available for free from the government. The following government resources may be useful in helping you retrieve information about specific companies, the economy, and markets.

Links to Other Useful Websites for Business

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State and Local Government Websites

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