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*Welcome to the Learning Commons!: Math Center

Math Support

Students in Math, Chem, or Physics classes should have access to the Online Math Center. Please reach out if you have any issues or questions.

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About the Math Center

Math Center, located in the Learning Commons The Math Center is part of the Learning Commons, which offers free walk-in tutoring to all Western students. We're located on the second floor of the Student Success Center, Room 203 within the Learning Commons. 

How the Math Center Works

We have virtual and in-person support available for all Western students for any course involving mathematics.

The in-person tutoring takes place in the Math Center (located in the Learning Commons). Online tutoring is through Zoom.

It's all drop-in, so no appointments are necessary and you don't need to sign up! Please come visit us whenever you're stuck on homework or tricky concepts.

How to Access the Math Center on Blackboard

Students in Math, Chem, and Physics courses should have access to the Math Center in Blackboard. You will find it in your list of courses.

How to Plan Your Visit to the Math Center

No appointment necessary, but be sure to check the staff schedule on the Math Center Blackboard page (updated weekly) before your visit. *For more details, see the video above.

Find the column for your class, then time your Math Center visit for when a tutor with a checkmark is on the schedule!

Contact the Math Center

Phone: 608-789-4797