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Contact the Learning Commons

If you just have a question or are not sure who to contact...

Phone: 608-785-9198
Or stop by: Student Success Center, Room S201

If you're looking for something specific...

General Questions, Information About Tutors

Phone: 608-785-9198

Writing Center

Phone: 608-785-9406

Math Center

Phone: 608-789-4797

Science Center


Library, Research Questions

Phone: 608-785-9142

All Learning Commons Staff

Learning Commons Manager Kirsten Moffler-Daykin
Learning Commons Administrative Assistant Esther Kindle
Learning Commons Assistant Leah Melde
Student Learning Librarian  Ellen Range
Student Learning Librarian Linda VanSistine-Yost
Learner Support & Traffic Safety Coordinator Kris Halverson
Academic Intervention Instructor - Math  Julia Callaghan
Academic Intervention Instructor - Writing/Communication Keri Grokowsky
Academic Intervention Instructor - Science Emily Erickson