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Business Paralegal/Legal Studies Program LibGuide

This guide collects information, websites, and library resources for completing assignments and preparing for a career as a paralegal.

Wisconsin State Law and Legislative Websites

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Wisconsin Cited as St. or Rev. St. W.S.A

Wisconsin Administrative Register

The Wisconsin Administrative Register is the official publication of the updates and changes of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. 

Wisconsin regulations are called rules, though you may hear the terms "rules" and "regulations" used interchangeably. Wisconsin administrative rules are found in the Wisconsin Administrative Code (WAC). Just like federal regulations, Wisconsin rules have the force of law. Their underlying authority comes from statutes and the Wisconsin Constitution. 

The Wisconsin Administrative Code is divided into chapters, alphabetically, by agency. Agency chapters begin with an abbreviated designation for the agency name. For example, the first chapter is the "Accounting Examining Board," which has the code abbreviation Accy. The final chapter is Workforce Development, which has the abbreviation DWD − for Department of Workforce Development. The table of contents for the Code lists the full agency names and abbreviations. A menu for administrative code-related pages is available on the state legislature website.  

An online version of the Wisconsin Administrative Code by the state government, is linked below.  

Wisconsin State Legal Forms

Codes and Regulaiton - Wisconsin and La Crosse

State of Wisconsin: Case Law Resources

Law and Legal Resource Guide - La Crosse Public Library

                books icon            Law & Legal Resources Guide - La Crosse Public Library
Titles in italics are owned by the La Crosse Public Library.
Ask at the desk on the second floor to see books that are in the closed stacks.

  • Index Digest to Opinions of the Attorney General of Wisconsin 1973 [1990] (R 348.77505 W753o in

  • Callaghan’s Wisconsin Reports (R 345.22 W753RC; most current five years in closed stacks) Cases
  • Contract Law in Wisconsin (R 345.22 W753C in closed stacks) State Bar of Wisconsin publication.
  • Employment Law in Wisconsin (R344.0113 AA88E in closed stacks)
  • Family Law in Wisconsin (R 346.73016 L822S in closed stacks) State Bar of Wisconsin publication.
  • A Guide for Wisconsin Nonprofit Organizations (R 346.775 G941 in closed stacks) State Bar of Wisconsin publication.
  • New Wisconsin Family Code and Related Statutes (R 346.015 W753 2021 in closed stacks) State Bar of Wisconsin publication.
  • West’s Wisconsin Key Number Digest (R 345.22 W753K in closed stacks) Topical index to state and federal judicial decisions.
  • Wisconsin Civil Litigation Codebook (R 347.775 W753R in closed stacks) State Bar of Wisconsin publication.
  • Wisconsin Court Rules and Procedure-Local (R 347.775 W753C in closed stacks) Includes La Crosse County closed stacks) determined in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin Guide to Citation (R 340.072 W753 in closed stacks)
  • Wisconsin Juvenile Law Handbook (R345.77508 P771W in closed stacks) State Bar of Wisconsin publication.
  • Wisconsin Pleading and Practice (R 345.22 W753WPL in closed stacks)
  • Wisconsin Practice Series (R 345.22 W753WP in closed stacks) Volumes include:
    • Methods of Practice
    • Civil Procedure (including forms)
    • Wisconsin Evidence
    • Civil Discovery
    • Criminal Practice and Procedure
    • Trial Handbook for Wisconsin Lawyers
    • Wisconsin Collection Law
    • Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law
    • Wisconsin Elder Law

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