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Business Paralegal/Legal Studies Program LibGuide

This guide collects information, websites, and library resources for completing assignments and preparing for a career as a paralegal.

Circ Desk Reserves - Legal Studies Course Textbooks


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These course materials are  located in the Circ Desk Reserves Collection at Western Tech's Library  and are available for us in the library.  Ask Library Staff to retrieve the manual you need!



Go to details pageThe Bluebook : A Uniform System of Citation, compiled by the editors of the Columbia Law Review, the Harvard Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal. The Bluebook sets the standard for citation styles in practitioners’ documents and legal publications.

20th ed. (2015)

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Online Information about Legal Citations in the Public Domain are linked below.

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Book and textbooks at Western Library are listed below.

Circ Desk Reserves - Reference

Girl waving iconThese loose-leaf manuals are contained in ring-binders located in the Circ Desk Reserves Collection at Western Tech's Library and are available for us in the library.  Ask Library Staff to retrieve the manual or be sure to reach out online and Ask-a-Librarian about paralegal resources in the library!

                books icon             Organizing a Wisconsin Business Corporation: Articles, Bylaws, and Other Forms

  • Kent L. Schlienger; Joseph W. Boucher; Charles E. Neider
  • 5th ed. December 2018
  • Publisher: State Bar of Wisconsin/Pinnacle

(Brown binders - large)

Provides all the essential forms for incorporating a business, including:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Share certificates
  • Minutes of organizational meetings
  • Subscription agreements

The forms are annotated with comments that explain the sample form language, review the statutory requirements, and describe alternative provisions. Standard articles of incorporation and bylaws appear in short and long form to accommodate corporations of varying complexity. You will also find guidance on how to modify the standard articles and bylaws for statutory close corporations, S corporations, and service corporations.

                books icon              Wisconsin Civil Litigation Forms Manual

  • 4th ed. June 2018
  • State Bar of Wisconsin/Pinnacle

(Brown binders - large)

This practical how-to book is filled with annotated sample forms to help make litigation more understandable for novices and more efficient for experienced attorneys. Avoid common drafting mistakes and achieve greater clarity and consistency in your court submissions. Each form is presented in simple, precise, and plain language. They are easily customizable, so you can use them as guides – customizing each to fit your specific needs or cases. Every form in the Wisconsin Civil Litigation Forms Manual has been dissected, debated, and polished by the eminent Wisconsin attorneys and judges.

The book contains 219 forms covering:

  • Commencement of the action
  • Responsive pleadings
  • Motion practice
  • Provisional and related remedies
  • Discovery
  • Termination without trial
  • Before, during, and after trial
  • Appeals

                books icon              Wisconsin Criminal Defense Manual

  • Kathleen Pakes
  • 7th ed. November 2020
  • Publisher: State Bar of Wisconsin/Pinnacle

(Brown binders - large)

Provides advice on organizing your files, negotiating a plea bargain, or filing motions before trial search for the right form, statute, or specific case in a logical format:

  • Extensive overviews of the law
  • Checklists for completing vital procedures accurately and completely
  • Commentary and instructions for filing necessary forms
  • A chapter on handling public defender cases

                books icon               Family Law in Wisconsin: A Forms and Procedures Handbook (2 vols.)

  • Gregg Herman
  • 10th ed. April 2021
  • State Bar of Wisconsin/Pinnacle

(Brown binders - large)

Provides all the essential forms, checklists, outlines, and overviews, for a systematic approach to making each divorce or family law case a less complex process.

                books icon                Wisconsin Probate System: A Forms and Procedures Handbook

  • Jennifer R. D'Amato; Jessica King; Peter J. Wyant
  • 5th ed. June 2021
  • State Bar of Wisconsin/Pinnacle

(Brown binders - large)

Provides a comprehensive summary of Wisconsin probate law along with the sample forms, letters, checklists, and other tools you need to successfully probate an estate and navigate this complex area of law with a straightforward approach and fact-based hypothetical scenarios. To help keep track of important tax considerations, you’ll find all material dealing with estate and income taxes gathered into one convenient chapter. Everything is kept up to date through supplementation.

                books icon              Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial

  • Thomas M. Pyper; Susann R. Steingass; et al
  • 7th ed. May 2021
  • State Bar of Wisconsin/Pinnacle

(Brown binders - small)

Procedure is the backbone of the civil litigation process. The best arguments and most compelling evidence follow proper civil procedure. Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial provides the map lawyers need to successfully navigate the complex rules found throughout the Wisconsin Statutes and case law, including the local rules of each jurisdiction.

Organized  chronologically by the topics that typically arise during litigation and includes helpful checklists, and combines clear and concise statements of the law with important practice pointers. 

                books icon               Workers Compensation Handbook

  • John D. Neal; Joseph Danas, Jr.; et al
  • 7th ed. June 2013
  • State Bar of Wisconsin/Pinnacle

(Brown binders - small)

An essential resource for any lawyer who represents employees or employers in worker’s comp cases – including corporate counsel and practitioners of employment, personal injury, and insurance law.

The Handbook thoroughly explains the fundamentals of worker’s comp law and practice, including:

  • Liability
  • Injury definitions
  • Benefits
  • Penalties
  • Claims
  • Settlements
  • Appeals
  • DWD Worker’s Compensation Division policies

You’ll also find insightful analysis into common and not-so-common worker’s comp situations, such as:

  • How an injured worker becomes entitled to statutory benefits
  • How to proceed in an administrative hearing
  • What constitutes a prima facie case for defending against claims
  • How and for what types of work lawyers can receive attorney fees in worker's compensation cases

Additional materials in the book’s appendices include:

  • Annotated text of the Worker’s Compensation Act
  • Sample forms
  • Checklists
  • The maximum wage and rate chart 
  • Mileage rates
  • A chart of effective dates for statutes of limitation 
  • And much more!

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Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Civil (3 vols - red binders)

  •  Wisconsin Civil Jury Instructions Committee; 2020; Board of Regents University of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Criminal (5 vols - blue binders)

  •  Wisconsin Criminal Jury Instructions Committee; 2020; Board of Regents University of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Jury Instructions are created as models, checklists, or minimum standards. It may be necessary to modify instructions to accommodate the facts of the case. There is not a model instruction for every cause of action, criminal offense, or other situation. Users may have to create instructions without a model.

Instructions are broken down into descriptive categories, and arranged numerically. Comments below the text of the instruction discuss special conditions for its use or other cautionary or explanatory information. Brackets indicate where a user may include additional information, such as selecting a paragraph, taking an action, or inserting information from a different instruction.

Instructions may be cited by number. It is suggested that instructions are referred to by their citations when the user requests that the instruction is given verbatim. If an instruction is modified, refer to the model instruction like, "See Wis JI—____ (Date)." (For example, "See Wis JI—Criminal 50 (2020)")

The Wisconsin Jury Instructions are created and edited by the Wisconsin Jury Instructions Committees of the Wisconsin Judicial Conference. The Wisconsin Jury Instructions include contributions from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, and are used with its permission.

Western Library Legal Reference Collection


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Black's Law Dictionary, Bryan A. Garner, editor-in-chief (10th ed,) is known for its clear and precise legal definitions, substantive accuracy, and stylistic clarity.

  • Available at Western Technical College Legal Reference Collection (ref KF156 .B53 2014) 


Oran's Dictionary of the Law  - Daniel Oran

  • Available at Western Technical College Legal Reference Collection (ref KF156 .069 2008) 

A Dictionary of Statutory Interpretation - William D. Popkin 

  • Available at Western Technical College Legal Reference Collection (ref KF 425 .P669 2007) 

Burton's Legal Thesaurus - William Burton

  • Available at Western Technical College Legal Reference Collection (ref KF156 .B856 2013)

Gale Encyclopedia of American Law

  • Available at Western Technical College Legal Reference Collection (ref KF154 .W47 2011)

Wisconsin Statute Wisconsin Statutes (2019-2020) ref KFW 2430.A2 W57 2019-20

The Wisconsin Statutes are a compilation of the general laws of the state of Wisconsin currently in effect. They have been given statute section numbers by legislation or supreme court order.


  • For updates of the Wisconsin Statutes visit Updated 2019-20 Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations (below). The statutes on this web site are regularly updated to include legislation adopted during each legislative session.


Wisconsin Practice Series

image Wisconsin practice series volumes

A series of reference books, organized by topic, that serves as a secondary legal source. They are written by well-known judges, attorneys and experts, provide invaluable strategies, checklists, and techniques for successfully litigating a case.

  • Kept up to date by pocket parts, revised volumes, and new editions of individual volumes.
  • Includes indexes.

Western Library: Volumes in Wisconsin Practice Series - Thomson-Reuters (publisher)

  • Methods of Practice: v. 1, 1A, 2, 2A
    • Jay Grenig and Nathan Fischbach with the Milwaukee Bar Association (2020-2021)
  • Civil Procedure: v. 3, 3A
    • Jay Grenig (2020-2021)
  • Civil Rules Handbook:  v. 3B
    • Jay Grenig and Daniel Blinka (2020-21)
  • Civil Procedure Forms: v. 4, 5, 6, 6A
    • Jay Grenig and Nathan Fischbach (2020-2021)
  • Wisconsin Evidence: v. 7
    • Daniel Blinka (2020-21)
  • Civil Discovery: v.8
    • Jay Grenig and Jeffrey Kinsler (2019)
  • Criminal Practice and Procedure: v.9
    • Jeremy Perri (2020)
  • Trial Handbook for Lawyers: v. 10, 11
    • Ted Warshafsky and Frank T. Crivell II (2020-2021)
  • Wisconsin Collection Law: v 12, 13
    • Robert A. Pasch and Brian P. Thill (2019)
  • Wisconsin Elements of an Action: v. 14
    • Jay Grenig (2020-2021)
  • Death in Wisconsin: v. 15, 16
    • Katherine Lambert (2020/2021)
  • Wisconsin Worker's Compensation v. 17
    • Thomas Domer and Charles Domer (2021)
  • Wisconsin Elder Law: v. 18
    • Jay Grenig (2020-2021)

wisconsin probate and estate planning cover image

Wisconsin Probate and Estate Planning - State Bar of Wisconsin, 2022

  • Available at Western Technical College Legal Reference Collection (ref KFW2544 .A29 2022)

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Wisconsin State Forms - Legal Studies Computer

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Western Tech Library has a dedicated computer that students can use to download and print copies of forms used in Wisconsin legal procedures. Library Staff will happily direct you to the computer and show you how to download the forms.

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