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Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide provides information for learning about open educational resources (OER) and curates resources and information to support OER work at Western Technical College.

Adapting Open Educational Resources

Can't find the just-right thing? Maybe an adaptation would be a better fit. 

  1. Identify what you are seeking and what already exists. 
    1. ​​​​Find and re-familiarize yourself with your course competencies. These will provide important keywords for your searching and will aid you in evaluating the relevance of any open content you find.
    2. Scan the landscape for your content area and locate any relevant resources that already exist.
  2. Consider how existing resources could be adapted for your needs. Do you need just a part of a larger work? Do you need to change for a new audience or application? Do you have a completely different purpose than the original?
  3. Obtain permission to adapt an existing resource or resources and obtain editable file formats, if possible. This permission may be explicitly granted in the license or it may require you to reach out to the creator. Your librarians can help with this step. 
  4. Select the tool you will use to create your adaptation. Some common choices are LibreTexts, Pressbooks, or even Microsoft Word. 
  5. Adapt, tweak, edit, and create the open option that would best meet the needs of your students.
  6. Get necessary approvals, integrate the text into your course, and then share the open resource(s) with your students and with the world.

Steps are adapted from those outlined in the Adoption Guide from BC Campus, linked below. 

For more detailed information about this process, refer to the Adaptation guide below or connect with your librarian. 

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