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Human Services: Children, Families, and Groups APA Lit Review

Learn to conduct research, format writing, and cite sources for Human Services.

Insert a Page and Create Headings

In this 3-minute video, Keri shows you a super helpful trick for inserting a page between your Title and Reference pages.  Keri also explains how to create and insert headings for your paper.

Creating Headings

This box contains a power point that details how to develop and insert headings into your APA Lit Review.

Strategies for Writing the Introduction for Your Lit Review

In this 5-minute video, you'll learn what to include (and what NOT to include) in the introduction paragraph for your Literature Review.  I also share some tips for writing your thesis statement, as well as a specific organizational strategy that makes writing the introduction quick and easy!

Body Paragraphs

This box contains a power point with guidelines and tips for creating body paragraphs in an APA Lit Review.

Citing Sources In-Text

This power point provides detailed instructions for when and how often to cite, various styles of in-text citation, how to cite secondary sources, and how to cite sources with multiple authors.

Tips and Tricks for Paraphrasing

This video provides an explanation of why paraphrasing is so important in this Lit Review assignment, as well as step-by-step instructions for HOW to paraphrase.  Extra tips are provided for paraphrasing challenging, technical information from peer-reviewed sources.  Finally, the video includes a demonstration of how to use the tools within Grammarly to improve the quality of your paraphrased sentences as well as your entire paper.

This power point provides an explanation of why paraphrasing is so important in this Lit Review assignment, as well as step-by-step instructions for HOW to paraphrase. Note: slides below are the same as those included in the video above.

Sample Paraphrasing Changes

This slide contains examples of quotes and paraphrases that demonstrate how to use various paraphrasing techniques.

APA Writing Style

This short power point provides some very general guidelines for formal, APA writing style and using bias-free language, addressing some of the most common errors.

Writing a Literature Review (Recommended Resource)

This is an excellent, comprehensive resource for writing a Literature Review!  

  • My favorite part of this document is Page 6, which contains a list of "reporting" verbs and suggestions for how to use verbs to lead into the evidence from your sources.  SUPER HELPFUL, especially when you start writing your body paragraphs!!!  
  • Page 1 discusses the purpose and overview of a Lit Review.  
  • Pages 2, 3, 4, and 5 contain specific suggestions for writing the intro and body paragraphs.  
  • Page 7 contains a list of links to additional resources. 

Suggestions for Verb Usage in Lit Reviews

This box contains an image of page 6 from the Otago Polytechnic document linked above. It contains a list of helpful "reporting verbs" for use in a Lit Review.

Sample Draft 2-Intro + 1 Body Paragraph

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