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Library research resources for English Comp. Intro to Psychology, and Intro to Sociology

About Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Articles

For some research projects you might be asked to find a scholarly or peer-reviewed source. What are they?

Scholarly articles and resources

  • are written by experts - look for an author's credentials or affiliations at the top or bottom of the article
  •  are written for other experts or people wanting in-depth information.
    • your paper, project or presentation adds another a voice in an ongoing conversation about your topic
  •  use scholarly language with technical vocabulary or words specific to the field being written about.
  •  provide verifiable and reliable evidence for what's written/
    • NOTE: even articles that provide background information should contain well researched information that the reader can verify.
  •  may be peer reviewed - a process where other experts review and assess the information before it's public
    • some databases will let you check a box to limit to peer reviewed articles
    • you can also look at the journal's website which will explain the editorial process including whether or not the journal is peer reviewed 


Find a Scholarly Article in These Library Databases

EBSCOhost Databases - Video Tutorials

Gale Databases - Video Tutorials

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