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Citing Sources in AMA 11

Brief guide with resources for citing using AMA 11, which was first released in March 2020. Note that the AMA10 guide now redirects to this site because we recommend you use the current version!

Introduction to AMA Style

American Medical Association (AMA) style was created by the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), specifically for writing and citation for scholarly works in medicine. 

General AMA 11 Formatting Notes

image of AMA Manual of Style, 11th editionWhen using AMA style, you will use superscript numbers for in-text citations1  and a corresponding numbered reference list of sources to help tell your reader which source you are citing in which place.

  1. For in-text citations, use superscripts in numerical order.2 
  2. The superscript number is inserted into the document immediately next to the fact, concept, or quotation being cited (you don't have to wait until the end of the sentence if the cited information is at the beginning).
  3. If a reference is used many times in one paper, use the same number throughout. you only need one reference entry per source (not 20 entries for the same source because you used that source 20 times in your paper).
  4. When you set up your References list, each reference should be listed in numerical order to reflect the order of your in-text citations and correspond to the superscript citations used in the text. (Don't list entries in alphabetical order like other styles.). To reiterate: The in-text superscript number should point to a reference entry of the same number with the complete source information for that source.
  5. Do not double space the entries. Entries should be left-justified with a ragged right side. Don't use a hanging indent like in other styles.
  6. The AMA Manual of Style doesn't dictate any specific format for things like title pages, headings, and page numbers. So, follow your instructors guidelines or use your own best judgement.

For more information, visit the other areas of this guide or these additional guides from other libraries.


Credit for this Guide

Text on this guide is adapted from the AMA guide created by University of Washington Health Sciences Library and is used with permission thanks to a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

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