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Ethnic Literature Course Guide (Lisa Heise)

Links to the readings and other information to complete homework and other assignments in this class.

Learning Better with Streaming Video

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Try watching videos to learn and understand

course material better!



College instructors post videos about a wide variety of college subjects on YouTube. Other video services, like TED and PBS do the same. If you learn better by watching/ listening to someone explain a topic or concept try googling your topic with the word video in the search term, for example, "video: create excel dashboards," or the name of a work and it's author, "video: Girl Jamaica Kincaid."

Use your phone!  Plan to watch, or simply listen while you are doing ordinary household tasks, taking a walk, riding the bus, commuting. etc. There are plenty of videos to choose from on all college topics and course:

  • Psychology, Sociology, History, and Government
  • Accounting and Math
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Graphic Design and Digital Production Software and Concepts
  • Health Sciences 
  • Computer Science, IT Topics, and Microsoft Office 
  • MLA and APA Citations

Below, check out these video sources on the web!