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Radiographic Procedures 2 Collaborative Learning Project Guide

This guide collects information and resources for the Collaborative Learning Project in Radiographic Procedures 2.

Ellen and Keri's Project (Scoliosis)

In order to support you as you work through your own research and writing process, Ellen (librarian) and Keri (writing specialist) have developed some notes about a sample topic, Scoliosis. They have included research process, a sample notes page, and sample APA references page. 

Remember, you're not alone! If you're feeling lost, frustrated, or confused, please reach out and ask for support.

Sample Research Process

Here are the databases I searched and the articles I found about my sample topic, scoliosis. As I searched, I kept track of the database I searched, the search terms I used, and any articles or resources that looked promising. I used the "cite" button available in the databases to pull the APA style citation. I'll go back and double check those when I put together my reference list, but for now I just opened a document and copy/pasted each one in. 

First: Bontrager (the textbook)

I used the index in the back of the book, looked for scoliosis and read each page that was listed.

Then a background source:

I did start my searching here, just to wrap my head around the topic. 

Search I tried:


Article I found:

Scoliosis radiography by Dr Adam Eid Ramsey and Alan Ho et al. 

Next, health science databases:

Some search terms I tried: 

[radiography AND scoliosis]

[radiograph* scoliosis positioning]

Articles I found that look promising. Some older dates than I would like but super helpful explanations. 

Anderson, S. M. (2007). Spinal curves and scoliosis. Radiologic Technology, 79(1), 44-68.

Lehman, L. (2008). Scoliosis and spine imaging. Radiologic Technology, 79(4), 373-377. Retrieved from

Grunwald, A.T.D., Roy, S., Alves-Pinto, A., & Lampe, R. (2021). Assessment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis from body scanner image by finite element simulations. PLoS ONE, 16(2),

My search terms:

[radiography AND scoliosis]

Article that looked promising:

Rigo, M. (2011). Patient evaluation in idiopathic scoliosis: Radiographic assessment, trunk deformity and back asymmetry. Physiotherapy Theory & Practice, 27(1), 7–25.

Search terms I tried:

[scoliosis AND radiograph* AND positioning]

Promising article I found:

Główka, P., Politarczyk, W., Janusz, P., Woźniak, Ł., & Kotwicki, T. (2020). The method for measurement of the three-dimensional scoliosis angle from standard radiographs. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 21, 1-7. doi:

Then I tried a publication search.

Searched publications list for [radiography]. Found publication called "Imaging & Therapy Practice."

Searched within publication for [scoliosis]

Promising article I found:

Dimond, D. (2012). How to get ahead of the curve. Synergy, , 18-22. Retrieved from


Then, rounding things out with professional and popular sources:

Search term I used:

[scoliosis practice parameter]

Resource that looked useful:


Then, just for good measure, I ran a few quick searches in Google Scholar.

Searched for [radiography AND scoliosis]

Found, which looked informative.


And PubMed, later on:

After I searched for images in MedPix, I actually went back and browsed through PubMed a bit. I limited my search to "free full text" (checkbox on the top left side) and found a few really interesting articles with information and images that I might also be able to use. I snagged the citations with the "cite" button. 

Search terms I used:

[scoliosis imaging]

Articles I found:

Burnei, G., Gavriliu, S., Vlad, C., Georgescu, I., Ghita, R. A., Dughilă, C., Japie, E. M., & Onilă, A. (2015). Congenital scoliosis: an up-to-date. Journal of Medicine and Life, 8(3), 388–397.

Calloni, S. F., Huisman, T. A., Poretti, A., & Soares, B. P. (2017). Back pain and scoliosis in children: When to image, what to consider. The Neuroradiology Journal, 30(5), 393–404.

Mackel, C. E., Jada, A., Samdani, A. F., Stephen, J. H., Bennett, J. T., Baaj, A. A., & Hwang, S. W. (2018). A comprehensive review of the diagnosis and management of congenital scoliosis. Child’s Nervous System, 34(11), 2155–2171.

Ng, S. Y., & Bettany-Saltikov, J. (2017). Imaging in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Children with Idiopathic Scoliosis. The open orthopaedics journal11, 1500–1520.

Rodriguez, D. P., & Poussaint, T. Y. (2010). Imaging of back pain in children. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology, 31(5), 787–802.


All in all, this process was stretched out over a span of about 4 days.

While I worked, I kept track of my sources on this document: 

Searching for Images

MedPix had quite a few good images for scoliosis. My search results can be viewed at

PubMed Central also had some good images that might help me. I searched for scoliosis radiograph.

Sample References Page

I've put together a sample list of references below that coincided with my outline and draft. I ended up not using all of the articles and resources I found in my research process, and I did rely pretty heavily on information in the textbook. But I ended up with plenty sources to help me in my writing.

Note: I didn't add Bontrager or any image sources to this list, but don't forget to do that!

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