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Library research resources for English Comp. Intro to Psychology, and Intro to Sociology

Getting Started with Research

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The Research Process - Quick Guide

I have no idea how to do research. Where do I start?

  • Choosing a topic icon Start with your assignment. If you don't understand something, ask for help right away! 

How do I know what topic to choose?

  • You may be assigned a topic or can choose your own. Choose something you enjoy or are interested in or curious about. For example:
    • Personal interest -  arts/crafts, sports, cars, cooking, gardening, genealogy, etc,
    • Career interest -  related to your program at Western or future job goal
    • The world around you - current events, news, social issues, politics, etc.

Magnifying glass icon find informationHow do I find information about my topic?

  • Head for Western Library's databases first.

What are databases?

  • Basically an online library with e-versions of newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, encyclopedias, ebooks, data, statistics, business reports, and streaming video. 
  • Link to Western Library databases from the library website.
  • Available 24/7

How do databases work?e-document icon

  • Choose a database. Login with your Western ID.
  • Type your search term into the search box to bring up a list of articles, eBooks, etc.
  • Cool database features
    • Email/share tools to send an article to yourself
    • Citation tools to copy/paste your citation at the end of a paper, but...
      • Sometimes a database citation will mess up the capitalization
      • Also double-check that the italics in the source title and database name pasted. Fix it if not.

funnel icon filter information sourcesHow do I know what database or article to choose?

  •  Great question! Different sources of information have different purposes.
    • Are you preparing for a speech or presentation or short essay?
      • Information that provides some basic facts or details will work. Find 2-3 articles on the same topic and combine what you learn from them.
      • You probably don't need peer-reviewed articles (they are too long and too- in-depth for short projects, but ask your instructor.
      • Use databases like Credo Reference or MasterFile COMPLETE.
    • Do you have to write a research paper or a paper that requires a lot depth and detail?
      • Start with Credo Reference to understand the basic facts and ideas of your topic.
      • Use Academic Search Premier, Academic OneFile, or any databases that shows it has scholarly or peer-reviewed articles. 

Pro Con icon What should I be looking for when deciding what articles to choose?

  • Look at different perspectives on your topic
    • You probably formed your own thoughts about your topic and found sources to support it.
    • Now look for sources that show another perspective.
      • Knowing and understanding other perspectives to provides the complete picture 
      • Take care to avoid bias and choose only articles that are objective
    • This shows you understand why others may have different ideas
    • Databases like Credo Reference, Opposing Viewpoints, and SIRS Researcher offer articles that are labeled Pro/Con or Viewpoint 1, Viewpoint 2, etc.
    • Soon you will be able to recognize different perspectives on your own.

list iconYikes! How do I keep track of all of this information?

  • Jot down notes of any important information or something that grabs your attention
    • Be sure to jot down the name of the database, title of the article, author's name, on the page
  • Use the database's email or share tools and email the article to yourself. When you need to refer to it again, just click the link in your email.
    • NOTE: In Credo Reference be sure to check the Full Text box on the page where you insert your email address
How do I use all this information in my assignment?

puzzle icon putting pieces together

  • Look at your assignment to see exactly what your instructor expects and follow their instructions
  • Think of your project like making a cake - each source is basically one ingredient
    • You will use more of one ingredient than another but they are all necessary to a successful cake
  • In general you will use your different sources to explain all aspects of the topic or issue beginning with explaining the big picture an provide the main facts 
  • Provide explanations of the difference perspectives and give examples to demonstrate you understand each perspective
  • Drop by the Writing Center in the Learning Commons if you need help pulling things together or want someone to look over your paper before you submit it.

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