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Human Resources Assignments Guide

Link to Western Library Resources to find basic information related to issues the human resources field.

ASSIGNMENT - Diversity Unit Paper

reach out iconThe purpose of this unit is to expose you to a few aspects of diversity. You will explore some characteristics your potential future employees may possess; you are given the opportunity to choose which blue sections to complete. You must complete two of the four options in blue:

  • Ten Most Common Mental Disorders
  • Cultural Issues/Bias/Privilege
  • Religions/Beliefs from Around the World
  • Generational Differences. 

Please see each section below and follow the instructions. If you would like, there is a submission document you can use. Please delete the other two areas you are not choosing to complete on the submission file.  


Choose two of the ten most common mental disorders and write a paper of at least two full pages but no more than five pages describing the essential elements of your selections.  Also, address how the workplace might be impacted, and what you as a coworker or supervisor might do to ensure an employee’s success if they have one of these disorders. 


1. Autism Spectrum Disorder  4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  7. Substance Abuse Disorder  10. Mood Disorders (bipolar, depression, seasonal affective disorder) 
2. Schizophrenia  5. Anxiety Disorder  8. Eating Disorders   
3. Bipolar Disorder  6. Phobia  9. Personality Disorders (antisocial/ avoidant/borderline personality disorders)   


Watch the video and read the article below:

person using laptop iconWhat are five ‘take aways’ you got from the sessions?

  • things you never thought about,
  • what was new to you,
  • how HR can be affected by these?

While they may be a numbered list, please explain why you are including them and how that information can impact you or others (or HR).  

Next, read the case study -- Meet Me at Starbucks for this assignment (attached in Blackboard) and check out the Resource links at the bottom of page two.  Answer the nine discussion questions on this case study link as part of this section’s submission and include the questions along with your responses. 


Christianity (Catholic, Protestant and (Eastern) Orthodox 

Choose two religions under Christianity religions and compare and contrast them. Discuss the basis for doctrine; who is a true Christian; basic beliefs; and practices. Feel free to use a table to display your information.  

Anglican  Christian Science  Latter Day Saints/Mormon  Pentecostal 
Assemblies of God  Episcopalian  Lutheran  Presbyterian  
Baptist  Evangelical  Methodist  Roman Catholic 
Catholic   Jehovah’s Witnesses  Mennonite  Seventh-Day Adventist 

Non-Christian Religions 

Choose two religions under non-Christian religions and compare and contrast them. Consider things like their views on: God(s) and Universe/Name of Deity; Holy Book; Leadership; Basic Beliefs; Practices; Place of Worship; and Afterlife. Feel free to use a table to display your information. 

Bahá'í Faith  Hinduism  Judaism  Taoism 
Buddhism  Islam  Shinto  Zoroastrianism 
Confucianism  Jainism  Sikhism   

presenting an idea iconAfter comparing and contrasting the two Christian religions and two non-Christian religions, explain in your own words how having employees with these religions might impact the workplace. What opportunities and what challenges might exist? What religious accommodations may need to be considered? What most interested you in learning about these religions you did not know before? How does knowing about other religions assist you in the workplace? 


Provide a chart/table that highlights generations in the workplace which includes these generations:

  • Maturists/Traditionalists,
  • Baby Boomers,
  • Gen. X, 
  • Gen. Y/Millennials
  • iGen/Gen. Z.

Include all these items in your table:  

Attitude towards technology  Leadership style  Assets (positive attributes they bring to the table) 
How they prefer to be trained  Feedback and rewards   
Preferred communication method   Views on work and family life   

While these are broad characteristics attributed to generations, views of individuals may differ despite being part of their generation. List three ways the above information may impact the workplace. 

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