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Fake News & Bad Info: Media Literacy Resources

Learn how language can be used to in a way that it affects the way people perceive reality. Unlike real news, whose purpose is to simply inform, the main purpose of fake news is to confuse and manipulate people.

Disinformation Defined

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Vulnerability to Disinformation - What Role Do Psychology and Emotions Play?

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Below is a speech given by Marina Weisband at the G7 Disinformation Conference 2022 on April, 6 2022. How international authoritarian regimes are utilizing disinfrmation to destroy democratic societies.

Marina Weisband has a degree in psychology and is active in political education. She is an experienced speaker in the fields of political participation, privacy, digital society, media and crises. 

Disinformation - Manipulating Public Opinion

Misinformation may or may be malicious. Mistakes happen. Credible sources, whether persons or media sources, will identify and correct their mistakes when presented with the facts.  Information becomes malicious when the person or source doubles down on their information when presented with evidence that the facts differ from their statements. Malicious information is often deliberately spread for political reasons in the forms of false content, made-up content, hate speech or other forms of deceptive communication or behavior. 

Fact-Checking: Look CLOSELY for Sources in Campaign Ads

Who Paid and for What Purpose? - No Source Listed? Why Not?Campaign Source Democratic Party of Wisconsin



Image: Campaign ad Senate Leadership Fund

Cover Image: How Civil Society can combat Misinformation and Hate Speech in a Civil Spciety

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