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* Learning Commons/Library Online Orientation Fall 2020

The Learning Commons and Library are here to help students and faculty online!

Meet Julia! She wants to help you with math!


Julia Bitmoji     Julia Callaghan: Math Specialist

The Math Center is for all things math.

study pain         So, math. You either hate it or tolerate it. Right?

Few of us humans really enjoy math. (Disclaimer: I don’t love math.) Most people think I do! Yes, my job title is “Math Specialist” and yes, I spend most of my work day doing math, and yes, I love my job. BUT -- the part of my job that I love isn’t so much the math part, it’s the helping people learn math part. My favorite thing to do is work with students to build their math confidence. You might think you’re terrible at math… but I bet you’re not. I bet you know more than you think.



If you’re in a math-related subject, we (the Math Center folks) can help! Our main specialties are homework help and study skills in subjects like math, chem, and physics. But we’ve been known to dabble in subjects like Econ (ew, supply and demand), Nursing (correct dosage calculations save lives!), and even on rare occasions one of us helps with Spanish (sí, it’s me, I’m the one of us that helps with Spanish).

Visit the Online Math Center on Blackboard.

Back in March, due to an unforeseen global-pandemic, Western closed its doors and sent us home to work and learn. Although you can no longer stroll through the Learning Commons to the back corner and hang out with us in the Math Center, (it's sad, I miss us!) you CAN hang out with us online!


In the Online Math Center (OMC), you’ll find a friendly staff of tutors and specialists that can help you no matter what your skill level. We know how intimidating math can be! We'll show you how to break things down into simple steps and work with you until you "get" it. And hey, maybe we’ll have some fun in the process!

A Math Student Story

So just after spring term ended, one of our math tutors, Barb, was shopping at Festival Foods when she ran into a student who worked in the produce section, and was stocking bananas. This student was a regular in the Math Center before it shut down due to COVID-19.  Barb told me about their conversation.



BARB: Hey! I haven’t seen you log into the Online Math Center. How’d your semester end up? Did you need help with your math towards the end of the semester? 


STUDENT: Oh yeah, I never logged in because I figured it would be too difficult to get help with just the audio online.


BARB:  The Online Math Center has a lot more than just audio! We have video, too, and a virtual whiteboard so we can work through problems together onscreen. We can show you how to share your screen so we can see the exact homework problem you’re working on and see that you’re doing it right.

STUDENT: ...Oh! I did not know that!

BARB: Come visit us when you’re in your next math class!

Barb ended the story there, but I like to imagine the story ends with the student walking away excited and eagerly awaiting his first visit to the OMC in the fall, and Barb walking away with a perfect bunch of bananas.



Moral of the story: if you’re hesitant about getting math help online, please know that it’s not that different from getting help in person! With all of the capabilities of the Online Math Center, it’s really just like being there. It’s as close as we can get, without getting close :) Check it out for yourself!

Contact Julia!

Email Julia for answers to your questions about the Online Math Center

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